My Definition Of Wealth Has Changed

The last five years, my definition of success and wealth was to have a huge a business, always be busy working and to have millions of dollars.

My definition has changed this last year. As I start to grow up and think of starting a family with my wife, having a huge business and being busy all the time sounds like the worst thing in the world.

Millions of dollars still sounds nice, but only if it’s aligned with my new outlook on success and wealth.

True success and wealth to me comes down to two things.

1. Loving What I Do

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to build businesses that I truly wasn’t passionate about. I knew there was money to be made and I had the skillsets to succeed, but a few months in I kept experiencing burnout and…. boredom. I’m at the point where I’d rather focus on loving how I’m spending my time, no matter how much I’m making from it. Have I perfected this? Absolutely not, but it’s a goal I’m working towards. I focus far less on trying to build something just because it could be a big business. I have no interest in doing that anymore unless it’s truly aligned with what I love to spend my time doing.

2. A Free Schedule

Most people are overcommitted. I had something going on every hour for many years up till now, yet I still felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I felt like a failure. You may know the feeling. I’ve realized it’s because I was wasting all of my energy on things and other people that didn’t always contribute to my happiness. I thought you had to be busy to be successful, but now I’d rather wake up with an empty calendar and let the days happen. If I want to plan something, that’s obviously great, but I’m no longer interested in being constantly busy. I prefer hanging out with my wife and our four cats while we play music or video games together. Now, my schedule is still filled with things, but I’m aiming to build a life where I could eventually control my schedule. I just no longer envy people with a packed a calendar. I envy those who have built a sustainable income and have an empty calendar.

Your definition of success and wealth may differ from mine. I’d love to know how you view it.




Writing about Content Creation and Creative Side Hustles to inspire people to believe in their creative passions and monetize them.

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Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan

Writing about Content Creation and Creative Side Hustles to inspire people to believe in their creative passions and monetize them.

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